MEP BIM Samples

Central Plant

Central Plant Project with mechanical, electrical, plumbing & fire protection. 

Central Plant Modeled Using Revit & SysQue Fabrication

Commercial Tenant Improvements - HVAC

Arizona BIM & Fabrication can assist in the design and creation of your engineered hvac systems within the Revit environment. We will create system types such as supply, return & exhaust air, hot duct and cold duct systems. We can provide these documents for construction.

Commercial Tenant Improvements - Fabricated HVAC

Once your system is complete and approved by the local AHJ, we can convert those generic Revit hvac systems into fabricated duct with spools if needed. We can create a .maj file and provide your shop with the fabricated systems based on your company's specifications.

Central Plant - HVAC

Central Plant - Fabricated HVAC

Tenant Space Remodel - HVAC

Tenant Space Remodel - Fabricated HVAC

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Electrical - Underground Power

Electrical Room - Overhead Conduits w/Supports

Electrical Cable Tray - Above Ceiling

Fire Alarm Plan

Fire Alarm Panel Drawing & Calculations

Medical Nursing SIM - HVAC Remodel

Medical Nursing SIM - Plumbing Remodel

Tenant Remodel - Plumbing Plan

Tenant Remodel - Plumbing ISO

Plumbing Installation Drawing

Our field construction documents will include all dimensions, slope data & water fixture tags. We include all required notes and anything specific to your project installation.

Plumbing Spool Drawings

Spool drawings will come with a color spool map and manufacturer cut list based on your company's specifications and requirements.

Personal Construction Experience


I believe what makes me good at designing is that I have several opportunities throughout the year (prior to the pandemic) to participate in local and nationwide volunteer building projects that aid and assist in my design development. In addition to these construction projects I have the privilege to attend design training classes throughout the year.

The following images are of projects that I have gained valuable knowledge on by working hands-on in the field.

Domestic Waste & Vent 
‚Äčand Domestic Water

I also have valuable experience installing domestic waste & vent piping as well as routing and installing PEX piping for domestic water systems.