Semiconductor & BIM Services

BIM has proven to be a major benefit to the semiconductor industry. Manufacturers of semiconductor fabs, construction trades, equipment manufacturers and fabrication shops utilize BIM when planning and designing new fabs or optimizing existing fabs. This effort is supported by some of the largest players in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain.

Within the semiconductor industry, the diversity and complexity of manufacturing equipment creates difficult challenges, especially for facilities design and equipment installation. The model needs to reflect the true dimensions of the equipment and show the X, Y, and Z location of each interface point.

Utilizing BIM we can provide a wide range of services in any Semiconductor project:
  • Sub-fab Tool Install Routing
  • Equipment Installation
  • BIM Consulting
  • BIM, 3D scanning
  • Trade MEP Base-build modeling
  • Isometric drawings
  • Bill Of Materials (BOM)

We are your ​BIM provider for Semiconductor Modeling

Our in-house BIM-Team focused on the tool owners design and work collaboratively to implement, model, coordinate all critical elements of your cleanroom design-build project. 

Your sensitive project information is never outsourced.  

When you hire Arizona BIM & Fabrication, your project is secure, redundantly backed up, and fast-tracked by our 3D BIM/VDC modeling team. We deliver true “BIM to Build,” not colorful pictures and empty promises.

We don't brag, we deliver!

Fabrication & Bills Of Materials

The primary goal of a bill-of-materials (BOM) is to serve as a complete list of all the materials and part - virtually every item that a construction trade, estimators & engineers need to create or build a particular product or building. To be effective, the BOM needs to include not only the raw materials but also assemblies, sub-assemblies, sub-components, part numbers and the precise quantities of each. 

BOM data input, component information can be customized to reflect departmental needs that provide engineering support, such as sales purchase orders (especially long-lead time items), construction work orders, vendor shop drawings, bidding and fabricated items.

The exact format for a BOM will vary from job to job.  We can provide Bills Of Materials on any project we work and can customize a BOM to your companies specifications.